Origins; the story of O'Reilly Colt & Saddle Co.

O’Reilly Colt & Saddle Co. is more than a brand; it is a legacy that began over 120 years ago, when the O’Reilly family emigrated from Ireland, to settle near Kyogle, in the Northern Rivers district of New South Wales, Australia. It is here that Paddy O’Reilly was born, and shaped by his surroundings  became renowned as a skilled and game horseman and stockman, with the wit, sense of adventure and story-telling ability that would have only added to his notoriety.

Beginning as a jockey in his teens, Paddy went on to join the legendary Australian Lighthorse, before returning to life as a bullocky, and stockman in the Northern Rivers. Paddy’s zest for life and relentless work ethic saw him only retire from working as a full-time stockman for international broker, Dalgety Livestock, in his mid eighties. 

Paddy’s adventurous life, and the stories that are still told of it, proved to be a great influence on his great grandson, Brendan O’Reilly, who today builds saddles, custom tack, and breaks in horses, often on the very same land that Paddy gathered wild cattle a century ago. Brendan’s focus has always been on producing working saddles that hold up to the harshest of elements. He draws not only on his own experience, but that of respected horsemen and stockmen he has met in his travels around the world, taking the best aspects of their working equipment, and blending them in to his designs. 

In 2018, Brendan met his now wife, Jessa, whilst travelling in Texas, USA. Jessa grew up on a ranch in Pendleton, Oregon, the home of one of America’s most iconic rodeos. Jessa’s artistic flare, along with her life around horses and ranching brought a new element of design and individuality to Brendan’s existing patterns and designs. Not only were Brendan and Jessa a perfect fit for each other, but their appreciation of tradition, unique design ideas, and desire to promote the proud heritage of their respective countries agricultural roots has given O’Reilly Colt & Saddle Co its soul and purpose; to ensure the knowledge and traditions of old live on in every piece produced.


Together Brendan and Jessa have built O’Reilly Colt & Saddle Co in to a brand that represents and honors the traditions of the cowboy, whilst maintaining the unique and interesting story that forged it. Thank you for being part of our story.